Is Red Wine Really Good for you?

You and I have both heard it over and over again – red wine is GOOD for you (in moderation).  While, yes, this is potentially good news for many of us Red Wine Fans….  it is important to understand WHY it is good for us and WHY moderation is the key.

First, the benefits.

Red Wine is considered ‘heart healthy’ – this means that the antioxidants found in the wine increase the ‘good’ cholesterol in our systems, which protects our arteries from damage.  This prevents heart disease.

The antioxidants in the wine are put into two categories: Flavanoids and NonFlavonoids.  The Flavonoids are found in all sorts of foods – grapes, onions, apples….   But it is the NONFlaonoids that seem to be of most interest when it comes to discussing the potential for red wine to combat heart disease.  It is believed this type of antioxidant actually helps to prevent your arteries from being blocked with all sorts of fatty nastiness.

The nonfavonoid garnering the most attention recently has been Resveratrol. In recent studies (mainly involving mice, not people) a link was seen between Resveratrol and a decrease in both obesity and diabetes – both of which can contribute to heart disease.  In addition, resveratrol is being studied for its potential to reduce blood clotting and inflammation – again – both contributing factors to the dreaded heart disease.

So, here’s the thing…. The potential benefits sound promising, but there are still dangers associated with drinking too much alcohol.  I’m certain you don’t need me to outline them here.  So, rather than assuming red wine is SO good for you, that the benefits outweigh the harmful effects, continue to enjoy your red wine in moderation.


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  1. Lisa says:

    Everything in moderation, so true. Can’t wait for a glass of red wine at Olive Garden Valentine’s Day!


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